Thursday, December 13, 2007


Yea it's a manual 6 speed, So?
The motor weighs in at about 30lbs, just a bit heavier than a 2 speed puch engine. But it puts out about twice the power and had 4 extra gears to choose from. It was originally in my RS50 till I had a head gasket failure. The end result of the head gasket going south was my crankcase got filled to the brim with coolant. You need to tear the motor down to pieces to get to the crank so that's what happened. This also gave me an opportunity to put a new racing crank and high end bearing into the thing. Thanks AJ for the crank and a big thumbs up to you and Marcus for helping me get the thing back together. I shoved the motor into my rs frame to test how it ran, started right up and it sounded like a champ. 

Not much will be done to the motor, all it needs is a chassis to make it happy. I just wish I had a motor to put into the rs now so I could teach Jessica how to ride. That's for another time and another blog *cough* CRF250r *cough*.

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fatwreck said...

It looks like you're moving along much faster than dean. I'll definitely read this as you go. The build is something I haven't seen before.

It must be nice to have access to a machine shop like that and to have the knowledge to use it properly.