Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Sorry no photos...

Just a bit of good news!. I just for off the phone with the DMV, I was tyring to research the magnum. The person I purchased it from removed the pedals and welded some pegs onto the swingarm. Doing this the bike was no longer legally a moped, he actually went out and registered it as a motorcycle back in '94.

Since then California laws have changed regarding registering two strokes for road use. It is next to impossibly to do so. Even if you found a way you would need to bike to be signed off for road use by the CHP and the DMV (another difficult task).

The bike is still in there system, registered to the old owner and will cost me $54 to bring the registration current. I have the title and a bill of sale so I just need to go down to the DMV in person and I will have one Puch Magnum motorcycle titled in my name.

No hassle, no inspection & no more worries about driving a bike that is not legal for road use.

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Freebird said...

Siiick. Congrats paz.